What’s in Sabah’s Purse? Let’s take a look …

I’ve always lived a bit out of my car. I grew up outside of the city so when I left the house in the morning I packed for everything. As an adult, that has led to me carrying around a fairly ridiculous purse. If you need anything I’m the woman you want to track down in a bar when you realize that your ex is there and his new girlfriend is a doppelganger for Beyoncé and you aren’t even wearing lip gloss.

A lot of these are pretty clear as to what they are, but there are a few things I’d like to add.

•You should always have a makeup remover. Makeup on top of old makeup is rarely the solution ladies.
•If you struggle with under eye circles you need Benefit’s Erase Paste. I bought a kit with the sole purpose of having this mini erase paste for my purse.
•Try to find a foundation or BB cream with an SPF. Makeup bags like this become critical in the summer and we all know that we need all the SPF we can get on those patios.
•Pack tweezers, nothing shows unwanted hair like the rear-view mirror of your car. Have tweezers on hand at all times.
•Try to use lip-glosses in these bags as they are frequently left in cars and other such areas where a lipstick could melt.
•Make room for some brushes, did you ever try to apply bronzer with your fingers?

Sara laughs at me regularly when we are out for dinner at the strange things I carry around with me all the time. I’ll list a few for you…
•Band-Aids- Mine have Jane Austin on them, a gift from a bestie who knows me painfully well.
•A pretty blank card- I always have a blank card with me. Words cannot express how often this has come in handy to add to a bottle of wine for a friend or a forgotten birthday.
•Nail Glue: PS I don’t wear fake nails but this glue could hold a wing on a plane even though fake nails do tend to fall off at the worst times.
•Hair accessories- a small headband, bobby pins and elastics
•USB Stick- Lingering school habit I’m sure, but I do usually have at least one stick drive.
•A k-cup and/or a Starbucks instant coffee individual sleeve.
•Glasses wipes- these are amazing, the specialty wipes for eye glasses are a must have that thankfully my mother buys for me in cartons whenever she goes to see her eye doctor.
•Then there is all of the obvious, gum, wallet, phone, charger, hand sanitizer, hand cream, pills (Tylenol, Motrin, Midol and allergy) Dare hard candy (because I’m 95 obviously), sunglasses, floss, safety pins, etc.)

So, that’s my purse … What are the strange things you always try to carry around with you?



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