Sabah’s Recent Empties!

And here are some products I’ve used up folks!

No7 Beautiful skin Quick Thinking Wipes: I’m aware that it is kind of discouraged in the beauty world to be a makeup wipe addict but I am! I’m sorry if that offends you but my skin seems okay with it. I at one point made a list of all the wipes at a local drug store and made an effort to try almost all of them. Crazy? Obviously. What is crazier is that I have bought these wipes at least 15 times in the last two years. They are awesome. They do a great job removing my makeup. They have a snap closing that prevents them from drying out. They have the perfect level of dampness without being kinda gross and drenched. If you’re a wipe junkie then do yourself a favor and pick these guys up.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive: Okay, I probably shouldn’t even be reviewing this. I used it a few times a while ago. I liked it, I wasn’t overwhelmed with it and I wear lashes so rarely that it isn’t really empty so much as it freaked me out that I couldn’t remember when I bought it, therefore, it was going nowhere near my eyes.

YSL Shocking Mascara: Oh Shocking, I waited for you to come into my life for so long and now we part like people who realize they are better off as friends. This could definitely be someone’s Holy Grail, just not mine. I like this mascara a lot. It could be wonderful on some days but not so much on others. There was also some issues with flaking. There was some awesome volume that came with this puppy so if that’s your objective than this might be worth the money. I likely won’t buy this one again but will try different formulas from YSL.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner: I don’t use a lot of traditional conditioners. I typically use a variety of hair masks pretty well every time I was my hair. I keep this one on hand at almost all times though. Like the shampoo of this line my hair really likes it. After using this product my hair is almost as soft as when I use some high end masks. I’ll definitely repurchase.

Cake Milk Made Hand Cream: Gross, won’t make this mistake again. I hated this stuff. I went through a brief phase recently where I wanted to smell like baked goods? I have no idea what I was thinking. I hate vanilla scented fragrances. Anyway aside from the gross smell it left a film on my hands. The film would then turn kinda itchy. Oh and the packaging broke making it unusable in a purse. A hand cream that can’t travel? No thank you, I’ll stick to Cauldalie, Clarins or really any other hand cream I’ve ever tried.

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse: Meh, I don’t get any colour out of this line of St Tropez (I have had much more success with the express). I bought this mini to try. I used it a few times but went back to my Clarins cream. I will add that later when I found this in my stuff I used it again pretty heavily to try and get through the product and I did have a lot more colour but to get that much tan I used a ton of product. I would also add that it has no sick self-tan stench and it dries so fast that it’s a dream. IF this gave me the colour my Clarins does I would jump ship but alas it does not.


What have you guys empties recently?



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