Benefit Starter Kit! Our top 5 Products!

As self-proclaimed beauty addicts, we have decided to start giving you the top five products of different makeup lines, guiding you only to the best. If you are new to a brand, this is your go to. For our first segment, we have chosen the Almighty Benefit Cosmetics. If you are a newcomer, an honorable Benebabe, or if you’ve been hanging with Gabbi for years, this is your road map to success with the brand.

Refined Finish: Being the exfoliating junkies that we are, we have tried more than our share of exfoliators but continuously circle back to Refined Finish. The beads are circular so they prevent shredding your skin. The smell is wonderful, admittedly not as nice as the cleanser but still better than any exfoliator we have tried to date. This is primarily a manual exfoliator, but there is hit of Glycolic Acid which will provide mild chemical exfoliation as well.

Erase Paste: Though the colour range is not ideal, if you can find a match this is a game changer. The key to this product is less is more, apply with your finger tips and set with a powder. When dealing with true undereye darkness this is my first stop. Totally worth the cost as it will last you at least a year with daily use. If you experience creasing it’s not their fault, it’s yours. Again less is more.

Hello Flawless Powder: I’m alone in this one because Sara gets a fire beard of red bumps when she uses this product but I managed to still get it on this list because of my reliance on the product. ello Flawless is a powder that can double as a foundation with the help of a bit of concealer. If you have really dry skin I would consider trying something else because this does cause some minor tight face even for me.

They’re Real Mascara: As we all know, Sara’s holy grail mascara is Lancome Hypnose. I am still on an aggressive hunt for mine, however we can both agree that this mascara is something you need to try. I have recommended it to plenty of friends and family, all with rave reviews. The not so hidden secret about this product, is it is a bitch to take off. Benefit heard our cries, and have since launched a They’re Real remover, so we digress. If you have a problem with flaking or smudging and you don’t mind an extra few hours minutes to remove your mascara, pick this up next time you need to replenish. It gives a shiny black finish, and really holds curl well.

Box o’ Powders: This is kind of a cheat, but you can’t ask us to pick just one. You need to treat your Benefit blushes like your children, and try your best to not dwell on the favorite. (Lookin’ at you Bella Bamba. RIP!) There is something in this blush family for everyone, and they should come with a warning. Something like, CAUTION: MAY CAUSE HOARDING TENDENCIES! When you get one, or a couple, you just can’t stop. Both of us have blushes that aren’t necessarily perfect for us, but how do you break up family. They’re a package deal. These blushes are pigmented, last on the cheeks, blend like a dream, and come in what seems to be indestructible packaging. If you haven’t already, go get you some.


If you were introducing someone to Benefit for the first time, what would you recommend?

-Sara and Sabah



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