New Stila Collection! Smart, Sexy, Sophosticated!

Stila has a beautiful new collection out, that consists of 4 eyeshadow palettes for $60.00 CAD, Lip glosses for $32.00 CAD, and Mile High Lashes mascara for $34.00 CAD.

Everytime I see that a company has released a new eyeshadow palette, I scream with excitement and groan in agony at the same time. The purpose of a palette is to simplify. Everything you need in one place. No need to purchase anything else. But when you wake up and realize you have 50 eyeshadow palettes, the purpose is slightly defeated. Alas – we are all beauty junkies here, and this is a safe environment for us. So can we please take a second and look at how beautiful these palettes are!? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I have a soft spot for mattes, so I grabbed for the Mind Palette first. I also really love the Spirit palette. The only one that left me wanting more was the Body palette. It just didn’t swatch as well as the others, and when you’re dealing with more vibrant colors, pigmentation is everything. The other palettes in general all swatch very well, and they blend super easily. Every palette has a nice transition color in it, and I’m confident I could do a full eye look without feeling like I need to pull any other product out. (Don’t you hate it when you have a palette that’s missing that one crucial shade?)

Stila has been known to have some fallout with their shadows, and these did give me some. Nothing like the “In the Light” palette, but enough to warrant doing your eyes before foundation, to give yourself some clean up time. Here they are from top to bottom. Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body.




I think these palettes are totally worth $60.00 CAD. The large mirror is awesome, and my only issue with the packaging is the fingerprints. Within a day, your beautiful palette will look like the bottom of a stainless steel fridge, in a house that has small children. Similar to my YSL packaging.

Speaking of YSL, another product that makes me think of the brand is the lip glosses. The mix of silver and gold is absolutely beautiful. On first glance – these glosses looked way too sparkly for me. I prefer a cream finish to my glosses, but once applied, they weren’t as bad as I thought. The only one I went for was Garnet, which was the only one that actually gave some color. I layered quite a bit on to get the intensity I desired, and I ended up having so much product on my lips – I had the sticky strings from my top lip to my bottom lip when I talked. After some blotting, they went away, but so did the color. I’m sure these would be beautiful as a “centre of the lip to highlight” gloss, but for $32.00, that’s just too expensive for me, and you can get something similar from the drugstore. Overall, these glosses were disappointing to me.



The last thing in this collection is personal to me. I can officially say I am a member of the mile high club. The price shocked me at first ($34.00CAD) but my lashes were quickly transformed into a separated, volumized and lengethed dream with barely any work. This mascara was amazing, and it’s still early to tell, but this might be rivalling my HG Lancome Hypnose. Do yourself a favor, and get yourself into the mile high club with this Mile High Lashes Mascara. Wait, what did you guys think I meant by mile high? You guys are dirty … And I love that about you.



Will you be picking anything up from this collection?




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