Limited Edition products you’ve missed. This is a life lesson.

This is a mean post. I’m not gonna lie, if I read something like this my first thought would be “Wow, you’re kind of a dick” This is a post about all the limited edition products that I love that you can’t buy. Alas all is not lost. Let’s take a second and remember that you can use this as a justification for all the upcoming Christmas collections that you need to buy because you can’t deal with having to read another blog post like this.

1.Essence Blushes: This is specifically the ones in their little collection prepacks. The limited edition ones seem to pack the most punch. Beach Cruisers specifically is amazing. I love it every time I wear it and every time Sara wears it, I always compliment it.

2. Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Library. This was a kit came with 12 lipglosses that rocked my world. Granted not all of them are rock stars but I’ve been scratching the sides of a few of them. I love these guys more and more every time I use them. I really suggest that if they come out again you need to jump in.

3. Lancôme Holiday Blockbuster. This is an odd one, I bought it for all the makeup that I can’t remember was in the bag but it makes the list because this is the best makeup bag I’ve ever had. It has an awesome handle and can fit just about everything you could ever need in it. Perhaps it has an undetectable expansion charm on it like Hermione’s beaded bag? Regardless, keep an eye on the blockbusters coming your way in the coming months.

4. Lise Watier Spring Blushes: Lise Watier really knows what they’re doing when it comes to blushes for their collections. The ones in the spring generally have the best blushes. These are beautiful, like art.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Just remember when you see all those limited editions in the next little while that you should just give in. Is there anything worse than cosmetic regret? I’m looking at you Sara.

** After note … Sabah is referring to the NARS blush palette that I missed out on. Biggest regret ever!



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