5 High End Products I regret …

Everyone has regrets. If you grew up in the 80’s, you know exactly what I mean. Pull out the hairsprayed side bang, and the puffy wedding gown sleeves. It’s time for high end regrets. These are 5 high end products that I regret.

1.) Chanel Lipliner in Tulip: There’s disappointment in a product, and then there is blinding rage. This lip liner gave the latter. It applied so badly, and pulled my lips, and the beautiful pink shade quickly turned into a metallic looking mess. I have tried lining my lips, and also coloring in my entire mouth with this, and it just doesn’t give me that creamy look that I desire in lipsticks. I have had much better luck with drugstore liners, and will not be purchasing anymore of these.

2.) Stila Forever your Curl Mascara: This product did not work for me, at ALL. It gave me super natural looking lashes, as in it tinted my blonde lashes black, and it was off of my lashes, and on my cheeks within a few hours. I tested this out at work, and had to use eye makeup remover under my eyes three times during an eight hour shift. Not okay for a prestige mascara. Again, I’ve had better luck in the drugstore (but nothing that has touched my HG Lancome Hypnose!)

3.) Bobbi Brown blush in Santa Barbara: To be fair, this is a beautiful shade, I got talked into it by a saleswoman at Murale, with the promise of it being similar to cult favorite Orgasm, without the obnoxious shimmer. And it is, but this product just makes me feel blah. I used it for about a month when I opened it, and quickly tired of it. I put it back in it’s box, and it’s been sitting in my blush drawer since. I wish I would have picked a different item that day.

4.) Dior Fluid Stick: Sabah has already given her thoughts on this, and I have to say I agree. The texture of these are just horrible. It’s a product that you are consistently aware of, as it feels what I would imagine to be Elmers glue. The Maybelline color elixirs have beat these guys out, hands down. I love the packaging, and the way they look, but these just aren’t my cup of tea when it comes to lip products.

5.) Biotherm Blue Therapy Night Cream: Again, this isn’t really a product that was meant for my skin. I am (24) 26, and this is meant for a woman much more mature than I am. However, with my skin being as dry as it is, Anti-Aging creams normally work well for me, as they have the perfect texture. This gave me a code red breakout, I was stuck with Avene Thermal Water for days, and I quickly gave it to my mother, who also reacted. I also picked up the Serum in Oil, and the eye cream, and have yet to open either, for fear of history repeating itself.

After sobbing in my regret, I must accept this is a part of cosmetic junkie life. Not everything will rock your boat, and maybe some of the rage will calm down, unlike Essie’s Bikini so teeny. Sabah is across from me telling me let it go, but I just can’t. That formula is garbage, and over a year later, I am still mad about it.

When it comes to makeup, where do we draw the line for regrets? I feel like anything prestige should be more than “okay” and sadly these five products were even less than that.



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