Lise Watier Fall Collection 2014!

Oh how I am a little late to the party for this one …

This Lise Watier collection launched for Fall 2014, and I have to say, there are some serious gems in this collection. The packaging is beautiful, but I wish they would have left it just as rose gold packaging and passed on the old school Elizabeth Arden-esque leopard print. But the products themselves are really impressive … Keep reading to see my thoughts!


Quatuor Feline Eyeshadow Quartet: These shadows are absolutely beautiful. I can wear them for a full day without any creasing, and I love the way the look when you apply them with your fingers. They are perfect colors for any skin tone or eye color, and they swatch beautifully.

24 HR Glam Eyeshadow Sticks: These were another hit for me. I did a complete eye look with these, including using one as a liner, and I had no issues with creasing or smudging. Also, I found the colors look very true to what they are on the eye. Don’t you hate it when you are using darker colors and when blended together they all look like the same color?

Feline Velvet Lip Laquers: I have mixed feelings about these. They come in two shades, Nude and Rouge. That’s the problem I have! They are so gorgeous, full color, long lasting lip products, and neither of the colors really worked for me. That being said, if they were to launch these as a permanent product with a larger color range, I would be all over them. If one of these two shades works for you, I highly recommend you pick it up!!

Feline Liquid Eyeliner: I’m sure we all know and love the Lise Watier Feline Liquid Eyeliner. Well, they have launched it in brown, and I am happy with it. For me personally, liquid liner is what I use when I want a more dramatic cat eye, and I can’t see myself ever wanting that to be brown, but again that’s a personal preference. Great product again, and a wonderful end to a really solid collection.

I love the Lise Watier collections, they might be my most looked forward to … What about you guys?




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