Sabah’s Favorite Highlighters!

I’m kind of a jerk eh? This is a post about my top 3 highlights and I’m pretty sure 2 of them are discontinued. Yeaaaa sorry about that but the next time you’re trying to talk yourself into buying something just remember that you never want to live with the product regret (Nars Blush Palette). So I have pretty white skin like NW15 light. I also have a lot of pink to my skin so sometimes highlights are a struggle. I naturally gravitate toward the bronzy highlights that just look ridiculous on me and have to make a conscious decision to focus on the more champagne highlights. Here are 3 of my favorite highlights.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact: I’m aware of the oxymoron in that title but it’s kind of accurate. This product doesn’t really apply like a typical highlight it more adds a sheen of life to your face. That sounds over dramatic but it really does. This is a truly natural looking highlight that could be worn by women of any age.

Dior Shimmer Powder in Amber Diamond: I’m fairly certain this has been discontinued. Though apparently Dior is bad for being the company that cried discontinued. This creates a really lovely natural glow and depending on where I am in my self-tanning, I tend to focus on certain sides of this product. The lasting power of this highlight is pretty good, if paired with a setting spray its pretty kick ass.The texture isn’t really like anything I’ve swatched before, I would expect it to be chunky, but when you actually apply it, it’s butter smooth. It’s bizarre! I’m in love!

Burberry Nude Radiance No 1: I actually got this at Winners and through some research I’ve gathered that it was part of a limited edition collection. This highlight really only works when I’m my natural pale ass self. It is a very light highlight that I think might appear chalky on anyone of a darker skin tone. On my skin however it is perfect. And the smell? Oh it smells like luxury and happiness. The packaging, the smell the actual product all combines to be amazing for me.

So these are my top three highlights. I struggled with this more than you would expect. Highlighting isn’t something I really go for every day like blush. For these three to wow me at all is a huge feat to be honest. I do notice a lovely effect when I use a highlight but I don’t know if I have yet to find one that really makes me gasp. These three are my favorites of my collection and worry not friends my hunt will continue.

What are your favorite highlighters?




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