Makeup finds at Winners! Sabah’s guide on how to find what you want!

Winners is a place where cosmetics go to die. If you find out your favorite blush has been discontinued the first place you should check is winners. They have crazy cosmetics, granted most are fairly disgusting. Never buy anything that isn’t in one of those bio containment boxes that keep dirt bags from swatching everything. Winners really gets me. I get into the zone, I can’t help myself.

Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray: Like wow, if you see this buy it for me. When my hair is freshly washed I can’t do anything with it. This stuff is like spraying second day hair into it. It gives me awesome volume. This also adds texture which helps give my hair some depth. When I find this it is usually under $10 and worth every penny. I have about three back up cans.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in Nude: I actually got a few of these at winners. They were literally half the price they are everywhere else. It isn’t just discontinued products you can find there.

Nars Blush in Golden Gate Bridge: This is the best demonstration of Winners Vision I have. I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I bought this. Oddly it is one of my favorite pieces in my collection mostly because it is ridiculous. It is the colour of electric urine.

Burberry Nude Radiance No 1: This is competition for one of my favorite highlighters. It smells divine. I did some research and it seems that this was part of a limited edition collection.

Burberry Nude Radiance Luminous Fluid Base: I actually haven’t used this yet. I’m under the impression it is very similar to my Dior Glow Illuminator. I’m already in love with this, the packaging… oh the packaging. Burberry does it right.

Tokidoki Love From London Palette: Yea…. This one is a bit embarrassing. I bought it for the small little toy with the hat… I’m ridiculous. This actually swatches quite nicely to be honest and I want to give that cobalt blue a serious go at some point.

Nars Shadow Pencil in Empire: This was part of the Andy Warhol collection that disappointed me so much. I have a thing for Andy, that’s why I bought this. The packaging just didn’t wow me. This is a true black so that’s always a solid purchase.

This is a pile of ridiculous stuff, I’m aware of that. In my area there are quite a few Winners and all of them have varying degrees of cosmetics. You need to shop around, go regularly and make sure it isn’t opened. There are a lot of gross people around who go to town on products. If your favorite product is discontinued this is a good place to check to see if you can snag a few before they’re gone.



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