Lancome Cils Booster!

I have yet to find a primer for my face that justifies the extra step on a daily basis. Yes it helps with smoothing and with makeup wear time but sometimes the extra step is way too much for me and I skip it. However, mascara primer? Hell ya. As many of you know my search for my HG mascara continues. I am basically on the hunt for the purple unicorn of the cosmetic world. During this hunt I have tried an embarrassing number of mascaras. Every single mascara without exception looks better with Lancôme’s Cils Booster. There is a lot of discussion online about primers for just about everything and I just can’t believe that there is even a discussion about it. Cils Booster just kicks ass. This primer really helps to curl my typically paddle straight lashes. I wear contacts and I am constantly picking at my lashes, Cils really helps to prevent flaking and smudging. It lengthens, it fills, it basically does everything but rub your feet. As much as I love makeup and trying new things I’m generally someone who wears a small amount, that being said, Cils is not something I skip and I have no interest in any other mascara primer. The idea that there is another primer that could do better is incomprehensible to me. Do yourself a favour folks, take every mascara you own from a 6 to a 9. It’s an Irish accent for your lashes.



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