Four Scary Makeup Products you have to try!

Living the beauty product junkie lifestyle is super fun, but can also be as scary as Amanda Bynes after a bender. There are a lot of products that when they were introduced to me I was shocked that anyone would think there was a place in the beauty world for them. Here are some scary products that are definitely worth facing those fears.

Green Concealer: People who struggle with covering their redness really need to give this a shot. Used in the correct way, this really can be a miracle step. The trick is to use this only where you need it, and in very thin layers. If you use too much, you will inevitably end up looking like the hulk. My favorite product to use for this is the green shade in the Lise Watier Portfolio Wheel. If this step still seems too daunting to attempt, try out a green face primer that will neutralize on the skin, before applying your foundation. Or, there are many creams on the market that have the green tint built right in.

Red Blush (And I mean red!) I saw this on a YouTube video and the makeup artist put in on under foundation and it created a really natural flush. I’ve somewhat adapted that to being over my liquid foundation but under my powder. It actually looks a lot more natural than most of my pink or coral blushes.

Face Razors: Say what? Not like Fusion Proglide but the type that you get at Sally’s. I was terrified of developing a World Series worthy beard, the hair growing in darker, stubble etc. The truth is these scary little razors are amazing. They are quick and easy to use, and remove that blonde peach fuzz hair that women can get on their faces. Makeup goes on so much more smoothly, and neither one of us experienced any of the feared backlash. Simply keep the razor facing down, and gently glide it over the area you wish to de-fuzz.

Setting Sprays: I use these under my makeup, over my makeup, midday, around the time I should be removing my makeup….. I love setting sprays. When applied under my makeup it seems to improve the adherence of my foundation. When applied at the end of the routine it helps remove the appearance of the powder as well as adding to the longevity of the makeup. They are scary and counter intuitive to finish a full face of makeup and then drench your face in liquid but it really is worth it, just have something close to fan yourself with when you’re done.

Do any of you use any of these “scary” beauty products?

-Sara & Sabah



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