Dual Review: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette!

Sabah and I have become very close, and we spend an alarming amount of time together. If we aren’t together, chances are, we are texting about a skin problem, a new makeup collection, or something about NFL football. When we started writing the blog, we made the decision to monitor our purchases to an extent, so we weren’t both buying the same things, using the same products, thus being able to use and review more products. (Perfect example, I don’t own the new Milani matte blushes, but I have used Sabahs while at her house!) This has made our collections really quite different, but sometimes a product comes along and we just can’t agree on custody. We both need it full time. This my friends, is one of those products.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. We went to see the new Pulp Fiction palette from Urban Decay. This was Sabah’s baby right from the start. Her birthday gift from Urban Decay. As soon as she swatched it on her hand, it was in her cart and in mine. She looked at me with a look of “Calm down girlie, we’re just starting!!” But I couldn’t help it. It was absolutely everything I wanted the Urban Decay Basics palette to be. And as soon as I said it, Sabah agreed. The pigmentation is so much better, the shades are so rich … And they blend like a dream. I am so in love with the two top shades in this palette, and have used them daily since I got the palette. It’s a bit bigger than it has to be, but has an awesome mirror and the brush that it comes with is nice for travel. I also love how the stark white shade, and the black shade are split. I would never use either of those colors enough to justify making them as big as the three other shades. Pulp Fiction lovers or not, you guys should really look into this palette. The shade Tyranny is absolutely rocking my world lately!!

Now let’s hear what Sabah has to say …





What does Marcellus Wallace look like?!?!?!?!

I’m obsessed with the movie Pulp Fiction. It’s definitely in my top 10 (the first being The Godfather, obviously) When Sara sent me a frantic text message about this collection I was suitably crazed. It was released around my birthday so I viewed it as my own birthday gift from Urban Decay the thoughtful buggers. I didn’t really even care what this palette looked like when it was swatched, when I saw the quote on the front, I accepted it as part of my collection. To my delight this palette is fantastic. It is everything I wanted from the Naked Basics. It has the perfect shades the right amount of matte and satin shadows. It blends like a dream and it works for so many looks. My only complaint is I would totally ditch the little brush to make the palette smaller. There is a lot of packaging here that I could do without and make it more travel friendly. The mirror however is perfect, I find myself using the mirror even if I’m using shadows from another palette. Get this gem before it goes the way of all the other beautiful limited editions in the beauty world.

Have you guys tried this yet??
-Sara and Sabah



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