Sabah’s HG Mascara hunt continues …

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara … My birthday past in July, and my glorious friends picked me up a few of my high end wish list products. Eyes to Kill was the first goodie I jumped into. As previously discussed numerous times, I am on the hunt for my Holy Grail mascara. It’s been a long road friends and unfortunately the road continues on. This is a great mascara, wonderful separation and volume which is quite difficult to find but I’ve had some issues with smears under my eyes. The smearing can be avoided with the addition of Lancome Cils Booster but a Holy Grail Product shouldn’t need a back up dancer. Although it smeared a bit on me, I was happy to realize that it comes off easily with Bioderma at night. Even a makeup wipe could cut through this stuff, which is awesome, but it needs to be able to hold it’s own throughout the day. The search continues …


Can you guys help me out? What are your favorite mascaras!?



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