Sabah’s thoughts on NARS Via Veneto!

So I am an aggressive contact lens wearer. Like I sleep in them…(Sara loves to remind me of this article she read about a girl who went blind doing this). The reason I can do it, is because my eyes are watering almost all day, and they never feel dry, however I do rub them all the time. So anything around my eyes has to really fight to stay around. I am constantly buying waterproof liners but they typically end up smudged below the outside corner of my eye. Via Veneto doesn’t move, like at all. If you move quickly you can smudge this liner out if that’s the look you’re looking for but once it sets the clock stops and you can’t move it. Via Veneto is awesome, the colour is jet black and doesn’t fade out to like a green colour. One of my favorite things about this liner is that it’s a twist up liner, I hate sharpening pencils because the shavings usually end up spilled on my floor and I’m annoyed with having to get it out of the carpet as well as being reminded of the wasted product that happens when sharpening. I really like navy and bronze colored liners and I will definitely be getting this guy in other shades of hopes that the formula is consistent across the colours. If you’re inclined to pencils instead of liquid liners this is the one for you.


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