Review: Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Wipes!

Everybody knows how I feel about Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water. It rocks my world every night like clockwork. It’s something that I never skip. It’s like brushing your teeth at night, you can’t sleep if you don’t do it. Now, I realize that it’s already a shortcut. (I normally use it first to remove my makeup before cleansing) but sometimes, I am just too damn tired, and I will apply my moisturizer after using the water. Well, laziness just got even more intense. I finally for my hands on Bioderma wipes. It’s like pre-soaked facial cotton!

I’ve been using these for just about a week, and I have to say, they are definitely something I will be taking with me when I travel. They have no scent, and they do not burn my eyes. This is huge for me. Normally makeup wipes sting my skin, especially if I have any of my eczema acting up. The cloths are also really nice material, and don’t rip easily. They are a good size, and they aren’t overly saturated. (Sometimes I feel like I need to rinse my makeup wipes off before I even use them!)


They took off most of my makeup, but I can’t say I’d feel comfortable using only the wipe. The first time I tried them, I used my Bioderma water afterwards, and still got quite a bit of makeup on my cotton.


For the convenience of travel, I will for sure be taking these with me. Being someone that cleanses my skin after removing my makeup, a little bit of residue left over isn’t a huge deal, but I wouldn’t rely on these as my only cleansing method. Unless I get evicted and start living in the back of my car … And even then I’d try my best to fashion a Clarisonic charger that would plug into my car …

These wipes retail for $14.95 CAD and you get 25 in a pack!

Have you guys tried these? I definitely prefer the water, but these are going to be crazy easy to travel with!



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