Comparison: Clinique vs Clarisonic Cleansing Brushes!

So pretty much anyone that I come into contact with, eventually will hear about my love affair with Clarisonic.

It was a crisp fall day, three years ago when we first met. We locked eyes in the store, and although the physical attraction wasn’t there, I felt a connection with him. He was pretty plain looking. Just plain white, with white cords and a white brush head, but something made me keep looking in his direction. I mulled it over, and finally picked him up. We had the awkward discussion of “If we agree to do this together, you need to promise not to hurt me (meaning, don’t break my face out and make me live through a horrific purging stage) As always, of course he did “hurt” me my skin a little bit, but the purging stage only lasted about a week, and then I was on my way to glowing skin. The affair lasted three years, and we were blissfully happy together. One day, he decided to just not charge. He gave me three sharp vibrations, and then died. In my arms. It was heart wrenching, and had there have been music playing, it was movie material. I lasted about a week before I broke down, and I saw that Clinique launched their version of a sonic cleansing brush. I thought for the sake of the blog, I would pass on my beloved Clarisonic, and try to see what the new girl in town could offer me.


Now, I refer to my Clarisonic as “him” and my Clinique brush as her, because it really is a big brother, little sister situation for me.

When I got the Clinique, I was impressed that it was so much lighter than my Clarisonic. I also liked the idea that the white bristles are more soft, while the green bristles are more abrasive, good for using in the t-zone. It comes with a charging dock that is a little bulky, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It also says it will hold charge for three hours, which is better than my Clarisonic. I usually got like 25 uses out of my Clarisonic before I had to charge it again … That being said, it died, so clearly something was wrong with the charging part anyway.

The size of the brush heads are very similar, and if you just rub the brush bristles of each, Clinique is definitely softer.


After charging for 24 hours, I finally got to use the Clinique. I found the brush easy to use, and easy to maneuver with those green bristles at the tip. I realized that the brush only runs for 30 seconds, as opposed to a full minute like the Clarisonic. The brochure said to start with 30 seconds, and work your way up to a full minute. Being an avid face brush user, I pressed the button again and powered through. The disappointment for me came when I rinsed my face. The Clinique didn’t provide me with that baby smooth feeling like I get from my Clarisonic. And I could feel it while I was using the brush. I felt no exfoliation, no deep cleanse …. It was just too gentle for me. I have used this for about two and a half weeks now, and I have been doing it for two minutes. That’s four button presses. (Annoying) and also, when I Bioderma in the morning, I still can see a little foundation on my Shiseido cotton. That absolutely has never happened with my Clarisonic.

I think the Clinique brush would be good for someone young who is just starting out with skincare, or maybe someone with very fragile skin that wants to improve their cleansing routine, but can’t handle the exfoliation of the Clarisonic.

**also important to know, I have both the delicate and normal brush head for the Clarisonic. The Clinique feels softer than both of them, but just doesn’t get the cleansing job done as well.

All in all, I will be returning the Clinique brush and I will be crawling back to my Clarisonic. It works significantly better for my skin, and even though it’s a bit more expensive, I’m alright with it. I will be going for the Mia, unless I find some magic claims in my research about the newer models!

(Clinique retails for $95 CAD and Clarisonic is retailing for about $135CAD)

Do you guys use facial brushes for cleansing?




  1. So I have owned the Clarisonic & found that it broke me out like crazy and I never got to the “baby smooth skin” feeling. This is why I wanted to get the Clinique one. The fact that you required bioderma to get more makeup off scares me though. What do I do! Ahh! Ps. I love how this was like a romance novel, so fun!

    1. The thing about the Clinique that agitated me, was that it was simply a vibrating handle, with a brush head attached. Where as the Clarisonic actually has a brush head that moves back and forth. If you didn’t get that smooth feeling from Clarisonic I highly doubt the clinique will do anything for you… 😦 thank you for reading!

    2. This is probably a little too late now, but I find that with the Clarisonic you need to go for a brush more sensitive than you think, so my skin is sensitive but I use delicate and my friend thought she had sensitive skin but uses the cashmere brush head. I think once you get the correct brush head you’ll be loving it. Also if you have the clarisonic with two speeds go for the lower speed.

  2. Thank you for your review so much! I’m just on my way to buy my 1st brush…I though about Clarisonic, but was stopped by the price. Now I see, that it’s much better than Clinique. Thank you!
    Vanessa Key♥

  3. FYI: Clinique’s brush is not an exfoliating one. It is only to purify the skin. Also, oscillating bristles can tear at the skin, enlarging pores in the long run. I have very sensitive skin. I have had Clinique’s brush since Christmas and LOVE it. Also, there is a soap specifically for the cleansing brush. In my opinion, Clarisinic is hard on the skin, and too expensive. Clinique also has exfoliating scrubs. I would rather use those than Clarisonic any day. Oh and Clinique has anti microbial technology. Clarisonic does not. Just an FYI for those who might be considering a brush.

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