Holy Grail Mascara Hunt Continues: Dior Addict It Lash!

I picked up this mascara in black, though the pink was beautiful, I’m just not that girl. Blue Mascaras are as close as I get to flashy mascara. I am kind of having a bit of a love affair with Dior these days, so when this product was launched I was all over it like white on rice. It’s a really nice mascara, and gives fantastic definition. The brush reminds me a lot of They’re Real, but if we’re making a comparison, It Lash is like a little girl putting on her big sisters cheerleading uniform, looks cute but it isn’t really the same. Dior nailed a perfect mascara for me to wear to work. It is a really nice non flaking formula that is easy to remove. This guy doesn’t smudge or travel. If you are fortunate enough to have really full lashes and you don’t need a product to help them look fuller, then this might be your holy grail. For the rest of us who have lashes that are ‘fine’ this guy is great for a simple look or paired with a mascara that can bring the volume to the table. The search for my holy grail mascara continues …




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