Review: Smashbox Master Class Palette III – Color & Contour


It’s a big day folks. I have been playing with this palette for the last couple of weeks, and I am finally ready to give my opinion on it. I am absolutely obsessed with palettes, and this one drew me in right away.

It contains two separate palettes, which in total, contain 32 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, a contour shade, a bronzer, and a highlight. The eyeshadows are divided into neutrals on one side, and brighter colors on the other. I did swatch this palette, and as you may have noticed about me, I am one of the worst swatchers in the world. I promise no wine was consumed before this, but it sure looks like it …


I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of the shadows. Smashbox has always had a stellar eyeshadow formula in my opinion, and I have never felt like the quality you get in the palettes are any different than the original formula. They are so smooth, and they swatch like butter.


The palette comes with a few blank face charts, for your inner artist, and several different look cards, which tell you step by step how to achieve said look. I never usually go to these often, but as a makeup artist, I really like that they included some blank face charts.

The palettes themselves snap out of the case, so if you were travelling and only wanted to bring one side, that’s possible. I love that the covers on the shadows are hard plastic, and not a plastic sheet. They will be much more protected for travel. Oddly enough, the lime green eyeshadow was what pulled me into this palette. For some reason it was calling me, and I just had to have it in my life. I have also tried using the shade “Peony ” (Fuchsia color on the bottom right corner) as a blush, and it turned out really nice. As long as you are careful to not pick up the other colors, you’re fine.

The contour color works perfectly on my fairly pale skin, and it doesn’t look too orange, which is a huge thing for me. The lasting power of the shadows works really well on my eyes, even without a primer. And I haven’t experienced any creasing. Mild fallout, but I am willing to forgive that, since they are so beautifully pigmented.

My only gripe about the palette, is I wish it was a little more sleek. To be fair, it does have so much in it, but I wish it was slightly more flat, and not so bulky. Overall, for $72.00 CAD, I think this is an amazing palette.I would recommend it to anyone, and I am still trying to decide if I will buy another one for my freelance kit. I give it bonus points for not including any cream products, such as lip creams, or cream eyeliners … (Am I the only one who hates those in palettes? They always dry out … )


Did you guys pick this palette up?



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