Products that make you work for it!

Like all things, sometimes it just doesn’t come easy. There have been some makeup products that I’ve purchased for various reasons, that after I got them home and started to use them, I was wildly irritated. Thankfully after a bit of work these products pushed through my cranky face and I learned how to make them work for me.

Marc Jacobs Blush in Rebellious: So this blush is an amazing shade of pink. The minute I saw it I knew I needed to have it in my life. That we needed to be together and I would introduce it to my other blushes and we all would live happily ever after with this amazing pink flush on our cheeks. And then I used it, like a lot and was considering returning it. NO PIGMENT! Like none. I know that some blushes have a bit of a film on them so I was going at this guy with a heavy hand. I was fit to be tied. And then I watched a YouTube video and this lovely British girl who I now can’t remember her name said that she took a tissue and rubbed the top of her blush aggressively and then the magic happened. I did the same thing immediately and then Rebellious came to life. And we now live happily ever after with pink cheeks, watching the notebook.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light: Like everyone else with even a slight interest in cosmetics I know about the Ambient Lighting powders and their wondrous powers. I obviously jumped on board. I’m on an endless hunt for my perfect highlight (and mascara). When I was wearing this as a highlighter I was silently stewing. I had used Essence highlighters with more wow. Again I was contemplating returning when YouTube came through for me. Use it as a setting powder someone said….. and whamoo ladies. I had a new face. It is beautiful. I can’t put into words what it is that it does which sounds like an excuse but I just know I like my face way better with this powder. What else can I ask for?

YSL Radiance Enhancing Pressed Powder: I’ve had this guy forever and never really used it. This may just be because the powder is a bit dark for me but I found that it made me a bit muddy. This powder I will now say is my favorite powder I’ve used in a long time. I’m not someone who really relies on powder I more look to setting sprays because of my fear of cake face. Radiance Enhancing Powder is amazing when applied lightly with a big fluffy brush. It completely combats the muddy face and leaves my skin looking more polished.

The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples: Of course I had to own this, it’s a blush palette. Well a lip and cheek palette but we all know I’m way more interested in the blush aspect. I’m used to cream blushes being well, creamy. I was almost convinced I was going to have to delegate this to a lip palette that will never be used. The texture is bizarre. They are more gel like, oh and sticky as hell. I found it really hard to move them around. And then I gave in and tried them with a brush. Game changer. I avoid brushes with my cream blushes because I don’t want to bomb through the product or embarrassingly enough, take the effort to clean the brush after. This palette works so well with a brush, it helps move the product in a more uniform manner and it easier to move quickly. I love it so much I’m not even bitter about the effort required to clean the kabuki brush I use.

What are products that you guys hated at first, but then started to really like?



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