Sabah’s NARS Blush Addiction!

I have repeatedly referred to my blush addiction, and as any respectable addict I have a lot of the NARS blushes. What I fail to understand is why people are so obsessed with Orgasm and Deep Throat. I really hope it isn’t just because of the names but I’m fairly certain it is. Anyway, NARS has a lot of blushes that really kick their ass. Here are three of my not talked about enough favs:

Outlaw: This blush is a rosy color with some gold tones. I love this blush. I am not scared of darker tones as you can see but this guy is just lovely. It leaves you with a beautiful flushed look that I think would work on a lot of different complexions.

Sin: So I had a friend (Sara) pick this one up for me based on a swatch I saw online and not a picture of the actual blush because I am the first to admit that it looks like a bruise. Really the colour really isn’t representative of the blush. It really makes the perfect flush colour on me with my pink undertones. Don’t be scared of a blush that is this dark, even if you’re pale like me.

Torrid: Orgasm isn’t even fit to eat dinner at the same table as Torrid. Totally buildable and not a glitter hell like Orgasm. I don’t really get too much into the corals (not because I don’t love them, more because I’m so bloody pink). I can wear this coral blush easily and it is so flattering. Put down the glitter bomb and pick up Torrid!!!


What are your favorite NARS blushes? I have been eyeing Exhibit A for over a year now …



One comment

  1. Oh no.. I literally just ordered Deep Throat like an hour ago haha. I do share your views on Outlaw, though. Fave!
    PS Love the blog!

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