Product Fails: Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray!

I got this as a sample, and while I was very excited to get a generous sized sample of a product I had never tried before, let me be frank, and tell you this stuff did not work out for me, even a little bit.


Back story on my hair. I have very fine hair, but I have a ton of it. Hairdressers normally politely complain once they start getting into it, as it just seems never ending. That being said, the size of my ponytail is pathetic. My sister has beautiful thick hair that I can hardly hold in one hand. It’s just not fair. So, with my hair being as fine as it is, I was comforted as this product specifically says it is for fine hair. (They have a cream version which gets amazing reviews, but I guess people found it weighed their hair down.) I wasn’t too worried about weighing it down since it was a spray, and it’s also alcohol free, which is great.

These are the claims from their website:
•Repels dirt & oil to keep hair cleaner, longer
•Creates an optimal base for all styles, especially volumized styles
•Detangles, perfects and smooths strands during styling and throughout the day

The directions on this couldn’t be easier. Spray on damp hair, and style as usual. Easy enough. So I gave it a shake (I shake almost everything before I use it, it must just be habit) I was expecting to hear a liquid-swooshing sound, but it was silent. I opened up the bottle and it’s actually more of a serum texture. I continued with application, but I wished that it was a liquid texture, as I was worried it would weigh my hair down. Sure enough, it did. My curls were just not holding like they normally do, and I had to spray my hair with Elnett before I curled, which is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand seeing smoke come off of my curling wand, even if it is just product burning off. At the end of it, my hair looked normal, as I curl it all the time. Normally I can get three to four days out of my curls, with the help of some dry shampoo in between. And sometimes I will refresh a few curls here and there, to make it look like my whole head has been recurled. I wore this product for the day, and went to bed that night waiting to wake up with a style that hung around. I got the complete opposite. My hair was so flat, and straight, that I had to re-curl absolutely every piece of it. I have never had to do that before, my curls have always held up for at least one day. Here I am on day three, and as I am writing this, I cannot wait to get in the shower and scrub my hair. My hair feels gritty, and dry at the ends … totally not something I am used to.

Overall, nothing they promised me happened. I am actually shocked at how much this didn’t work for me. Using my Kerestase Nectar Thermique heat protectant does way more for my hair than this does, and for the price of it ($25 CAD) it is totally not worth it in my opinion.

SO disappointed, I would love to hear from you guys if this product works for you. Maybe it would be great for someone who had shorter hair and wanted to extend some volume … but it did absolutely nothing for me, except for make me re-curl everything the next morning. Maybe I am messing it up somehow … but apply to damp hair and style as usual seems pretty basic … let me know guys!



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