DIY Ombre Hair!

So something big has happened to me recently. I decided that I was tired of spending a crazy amount of money in salons on my hair. If you actually sit down and calculate how much you are shelling out to get your hair done, it’s frightening. Think of all the makeup I could be buying with that money!

Anyway, I found myself in the drugstore, cruising over all of the products, and I picked up two products to help me get the desired effect I wanted in my hair. Clairol Natural Instincts in shade 21 Medium Brown, and Revlon Frost & Glow Honey Highlighting Kit.
I took the boxes home, and let them sit on my shelf for awhile, and as I was packing my bag for Sabah’s birthday weekend, I threw them in my duffle bag, and out the door I went. Sure enough, the Sunday after her birthday night, the bug struck me and I worked up the nerve to do it. Now I really think it’s important to have a friend with you while you’re doing this, to check things over, and just for mental support. Sabah was recuperating on the couch, but I felt better even knowing she was in the house!

I decided that it would be easiest for me to apply the darker color on top first, and then rinse it out, dry, and then apply the highlights. I applied the darker color on the top, and pulled it down to about my ears, and let it sit for the allotted 10 minutes. I jumped in the shower and rinsed. Easy Peasy, and not stressful at all. Once my hair was dry, things were about to get real. I mixed up the developer and the powder that came with the highlighting kit, and cut some tinfoil strips to use. I sectioned off the top part of my hair and tied it out of the way, as I was only looking to lighten up the bottom pieces. I chose pretty small sections (about 1 inch) and then backcombed them, to ensure I got a more natural look. (Awesome tip I picked up from my hairdresser!) I wrapped the hair in foil, and moved on. I only did about 12 foils, as I didn’t know what the result would be like, and then I paced the floor anxiously for about 20 minutes. When I rinsed, the very tips of my hair were alarmingly white, but I wasn’t too worried about it, because I knew I was going to get my hair cut the next day. Overall, I was impressed with the result, it didn’t look as amazing as when my hairdresser does it, but it cost under $20.00 to do. Below are my results! Before is on the left, After is on the right.


I wasn’t too happy with the way it was cut, but overall it looks brighter, and the top darkened up quite a bit, which is exactly what I wanted. For $20.00, I think I will be the girl that will do my hair myself from now on! Next time Sabah will have to be more present though …

Do you guys color your own hair or get it professionally done?



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