Product Fails: Dior Fluid Sticks!

I’m about to say something that hurts me more then it hurts you. I don’t like the new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks. This hurts my heart and my lips. The texture is absolutely bizarre, like a liquid plastic or like a gooey lipstick, just horrible texture. I will tolerate discomfort in a lip product if they have a good lasting power. The lasting power of this product is garbage and that is almost a positive because I hate the texture and the way it feels so much. I don’t find the colour opaque enough either, it seems to be weak and almost watery. When I bought the fluid stick I wasn’t particularly impressed with the colour range and found it really difficult to find one that I liked. They all seemed to have orange undertones which don’t look good on my skin tone. The only thing I really like about the fluid sticks is the packaging which is adorable. I suppose at some point Dior was going to let me down, I know that no line is perfect but it doesn’t make it any easier that Dior has failed me for the first time.


If you want something that will give you great color pay off, and something that feels like cushiony heaven, get yourself a Maybelline Color Elixir. Those are so much better, and a third of the price!




  1. I must admit i wasn’t exactly overawed with these either. I am looking forward to the Chanel Lip glosses coming out in a couple of months instead. They are seriously opaque and they are making them with the pop top packaging like the Rouge allure lipsticks have.

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