Review: Milani Brow Shaping Clear Wax!

I get crazy excited when I find a product that I don’t currently have in my rotation. I’ll be honest, I have a ton of makeup. So when I find something that I’m not currently using, or better yet, have not used before, I get giddy. This was one of those items for me … You don’t know you need it until you use it, and then you wonder how you ever lived without it.

I have had my eyebrows waxed twice in just over 5 years. Not that they don’t need attention, or they don’t grow … I just like to take care of them myself. My skin is super sensitive, and I always end up with a swollen brow like this guy.


Needless to say, I pluck my eyebrows all the time, and I am constantly sweeping them up and cutting off the excess growth. They are usually pretty maintained, but for days that I just don’t have the time, this product is saving my brow life. Quick back story on my brows. They grow very long very fast, but they don’t curl, they just end up sticking straight off of my brow, and looking like a hot mess if they aren’t properly tamed. And since they can get so crazy, I am constantly trimming them. I struggle with keeping them trimmed, but also looking full. This clear brow wax has allowed me to let them grow in longer, and cover up some sparse areas I have in my brows. But also not look like a disaster when I leave the house. It definitely extends the wear of my brow color (which is usually Urban Decay shadow in Naked) and it doesn’t make the eyeshadow look darker like I thought it would. (You know when you put a powder over a creamy or waxy product and it looks much more intense?) This stuff retails for $4.99 CAD, and it was worth every penny. I have already sharpened mine a few times, and I will be purchasing a back up next time I see Milani somewhere. I am also considering throwing one of these in my freelance kit. This is a total gem for me, and it has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

Anyone who uses the Anastasia brow wax pencil, needs to switch to this. Seriously, the price cannot be beat, and the quality is amazing!



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