Review: Peter Thomas Roth Ripe and Ready to Refresh Kit!

I’m considering buying this kit again just in case they’re gone when I run out. I love all three masks. Confession, I’m a mask junkie. I really go a little nuts with masks and have to use a lot of self-restraint to not use them daily. So this kit comes with three really good sized jars of masks.


Here are the details on how to use these gems:

-Apply a generous coat on clean skin.
-Allow mask to remain on for 10 minutes.
-Rinse with cool water.
-For an intensive treatment, refrigerate and apply as a mask or apply a thin layer as the last layer of skincare and leave on overnight.
-Use two to three times a week or daily for intensive repair.

Cucumber Gel Mask: This guy is great, super for soothing any redness, and any blemishes seem to be soothed really well. It has a nice gentle smell and it is cooling to the skin. I don’t even store it in the fridge, but they say it really ups the ante with the cooling feel. I don’t really struggle with a ton of redness or skin irritation so this isn’t really the go to mask of the three for me. I do really like it but I’m more drawn to the other two.

Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask: This one is my favorite, I love this mask. Admittedly I can’t speak to any actual anti-aging benefits yet but I’m noticing a lot of skin benefits. This is a gel mask like the cucumber one. It does make my skin a bit red when I apply it, but not in an allergic reaction way. I apply both the Rose Stem Cell and the Cucumber as overnight treatment masks. I am noticing a considerable difference in my skin texture. I have repeatedly demanded Sara really examine my face and tell me I’m not imagining the difference. My skin is smoother, healthier and my makeup applies better. I don’t really know what else I could ask from a mask. I really fight myself from applying it daily.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: Oh how I’m going to love this in the fall. It has the best smell, pumpkin obviously. The texture of this is like a manual exfoliator but in a gel as opposed to a cream. You apply this mask and rub it in with damp fingers then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. You feel immediate results with this mask. I have had no dry patches since I started using this mask.

If you’re someone who enjoys masks or enjoys seeing improvement in their skin then this is the kit for you. I really think there is something here for everyone and there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t see benefits from this product. Oh Peter Thomas Roth, you do such wonderful things for my skin.




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