Review: Smashbox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette!

I really can’t be held accountable. It was so pretty and wearable. Smashbox shadow palettes are as close to a sure thing as you’re going to get in cosmetics. I bought it blindly because they had no testers (yet) and I have no self-restraint. Anyway the moral of the story is this is a beautiful palette. The palette is called Cherry Smoke and comes in a compact that is slightly larger than the Naked Basics. It has a great little magnet that automatically snaps shut when you close the palette. This will come in handy during travel, and hopefully demolish the chances of it shattering. It includes eight shades with a surprising favorite in Unadorned, the bottom left shade. So here’s the quick and dirty. Keep reading for pictures and swatches.

• Pigmented Shades
• Easy to blend formula that play well with each other
• Versatile for all eye colours
• It’s a neutral palette that is different enough to justify the purchase.
• It’s a comfortable size to hold while doing your eye makeup, and the mirror is the perfect size.

• Fallout is pretty significant. Not a huge deal if you start with your eyes during your routine.
• It is lacking a colour appropriate for the brow.
• No matte transition shade.
• Dark Cocoa and Ebony are so similar when swatched that I’d prefer one be replaced with either a brow or transition shade.

Application went very smoothly, the fallout wasn’t too much to handle, and I was happy with the pigment from the shadows, without using a primer. As always I was satisfied with the results, and Smashbox again delivers with the eyeshadows. Also included in this small collection were two lipsticks, Bing and Cherry Copper. They weren’t shades for me, but I am super happy I bought this palette. The packaging is a great addition to the collection, and it packs enough of a twist to make me feel justified in having another neutral palette. I can’t wait to keep trying different looks, and perfect this baby by the time the leaves start to turn.




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