Almira’s Clarisonic Journey …

Sara shared her story and now I’m sharing mine. We have different concerns and different skin types… she’s dry, I’m oily and this device has worked well for both of us. 2 years ago, I had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, and that was not fun…quite painful actually if it weren’t for the drugs! I was in and out of sleep for 2 days and I had ice packs on both sides of my face. I wrapped them in cloth so I didn’t have the icepack directly on my skin. Unfortunately because I was sleeping, and on a lot of medication, the cloth on the right side of my face fell off and I had the freezing cold ice pack directly on my skin for hours. When I woke up, I literally had to peel the ice pack off and took some skin with it. According to my doctor, any longer would have resulted in severe frost bite. It resulted to this black scar mark on the right side of my face (before and after pictures below).


Pictured above is after 2-3 months of use with my Clarisonic. Below is the initial scarring.


Fast-forward to when I caved and bought the Clarisonic. What appealed to me the most about it is the exfoliation that the vibrations give you, always a sucker for that exfoliation and radiance. I was of course skeptical but oh boy was I happy that I bought it. After maybe just 2-3 months of using it (everyday, once a day), I saw a noticeable difference with my big black scar that was caused by the ice pack. It is now so faded that just sheer foundation can cover it right up. I can’t give all the credit to my Clarisonic because I was still exfoliating regularly and using my Vital Light Serum and Night Cream from Clarins. It’s the combination of everything but I can confidently say that the Clarisonic has helped so much with this scar that I wouldn’t get the same effects by just skin care alone. I have now changed my brush head to the oily/acne-prone skin one and I think that after the purging stage my skin has begun to dial down after its summer pimple flare-up stage. I would recommend this device for everyone who loves the simple clean feeling and who wants to give his/her skin the best opportunity to be in it’s best condition, definitely a buy.

Have you guys caved and bought the Clarisonic?



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