Review: Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation!


Hi everyone, how’s it going? I am typing this on my cell phone, trying to get some breakfast on the table, and attempting to get some moisturizer on before dashing out the door for some appointments before work.

I wanted to let you guys know about a new foundation that I have been trying out. Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation. I picked this up last week, and I have been using it since. Here are my thoughts:

First thing first, I never buy into anti aging claims when it comes to foundations. Sure, they can make you look younger, but reducing wrinkles or banishing dark spots is not something I would ever expect from a makeup item. So going into it not expecting it to be a skincare item, this is my story with it!

The texture of this “serum foundation” is beautiful. It’s very fluid, and feels like nothing on my skin. The color (light) matches me pretty well, although when I am self tanned, I do need a boost with some bronzer. I use a full dropper amount, and it gives me the coverage that I am happy with. I do require some extra concealer under the eye, but that’s usually always the case so I’m fine with it. This foundation wears very well on my dry skin throughout the day, and it doesn’t cling to my dry patches. It comes with it’s own brush, which I actually thought might have worked out, unfortunately, it feels like a brush full of needles on your face. Do you guys know that feeling when brushes actually poke you so hard you think they pierced the skin? I’ve tried using it different ways, and I always go back to my hands with this foundation. It is so light, and feels incredibly absent on the skin. I have so many other foundations to try out, but this one was really nice for me, and also didn’t break me out. It retails for $18.99 CAD, and when I bought it, Physicians Formula had a sale on almost everything, but this wasn’t included. Keep an eye out for a bargain, and do yourself a favor, throw the brush out immediately, or maybe keep it to dust your fragrance collection!

Physicians Formula seems like a solid brand. What have you guys tried from the line?



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