5 things you should try this summer!

Can we all just take a minute and say together, that it’s halfway through July? I honestly don’t feel like Summer has really started yet! I have only had one beach day, which consisted of Sabah and I huddled under a blanket for a few hours before both admitting we were ready to leave because it was too cold. I still haven’t found my perfect Summer hat, and haven’t really missed not having one, since the sunny days have been few and far between. None the less, I have been using some summer essentials, and I have five that you guys should really try out!


1.) Biotherm After Sun Pearly Cream: This after sun product gives your skin an amazing glow, and it is great for those days when you go straight from the beach, to a party or BBQ. The sparkle it leaves behind is subtle, and not chunky in the least, and it feels super refreshing if you happened to get too much sun!

2.) Biotherm SPF 50 for face: This sunscreen has become a Summer staple for me. It makes my skin look amazing underneath of my foundation, and it doesn’t break me out. It combines anti-aging properties, along with the sun protection, so it takes out an extra step from your skincare regime.

3.) Clarins Sunscreen Stick for Sensitive Skin: This little stick of heaven is wonderful for my purse. If I catch myself on a patio in the sun, or I realize I’ve forgotten the tops of my ears (Or my boyfriends!) I always have this on me. I also have a pretty nasty scar on my arm (I cut it with a butcher knife … story for another day) and this stick is perfect to swipe over it, to avoid sun damage. I have used this on my face as well, and never had a problem. I will be repurchasing one of these for sure!

4.) Clarins tinted UV 40: What an amazing sun protection product this is. First things, it’s mineral screen, which I really prefer on my face, secondly, it is such a fluid texture that it feels like absolutely nothing on your skin. And lastly, it gives AMAZING coverage. Seriously, this replaces my foundation most days. It covers so well, and I was so surprised at how happy I was with it. Also, you can touch up with this through the day, and you never look cakey. This is a must have for you girls who still want some coverage at the beach or pool.

5.) Surprise surprise … Show of hands, who is tired of me talking about this lip balm? Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. This lip balm has an SPF of 20, and gives me an amazing juicy pinkish red color on my lips. A pair of big sunglasses and this lip color has been my absolute go to this year. I’ve mentioned before that I have been seeing these on clearout in stores, so I would stock up if you see them. I am not a huge fan of the other shades, but Cherry Me has found a very special place in my heart, and I haven’t had the slightest lip burn since I started using this. Seriously, is there anything worse than a lip burn?

What are your must have summer items? I am honestly thinking that the Clarins UV 40 might become a year round staple …



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