Boost your lashes no matter what you use!


Do you ever reminisce about people that you went to high school with? The people that were always a little under the radar, and then BOOM, you realize they are actually a huge deal and making massive differences all over the world? Cils Booster by Lancôme is one of those. I never hear this product raved about online, or really talked about at all. But as soon as someone uses it (or has a conversation with Almira) they quickly say “what the hell was I doing with my life before this!?”

This white mascara base applies before your mascara, and will grab even the smallest, shortest lashes. It will get some product on them, and really fatten and lengthen them before you continue with your favorite mascara. All you need to do with this product is go to a Lancôme counter, and do one eye with, and one eye without it. The difference is honestly amazing, and it will also help your mascara last all day, and not smudge or flake. Retailing at $29CAD, this is an absolute must have for all mascara junkies, and the best part is, you don’t have to divorce your favorite mascara! That’s what I do folks … I save relationships!

Have you guys tried lash primers before? They make a big difference for me! I love the look Hypnose gives me, but Cils Booster is a must for special events!


Happy Monday!


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