Dior Glow Primer: A highlighting dream!

Hello everyone, it’s me, Sabah, reporting back with yet another highlighting glowy product. This one is worth the read … When I was swatching this product the sales associate told me there was no way you could actually wear this product as a primer, that it was great as a highlighter but way to shiny as a primer. Bollocks, complete bollocks. This is a wicked primer. You definitely need to apply something over it if you use it all over your face. It can’t be used like Benefit Porefessional as a lone product because it is so so shimmery. Dior has really nailed it with this illuminating primer. It does all the classic things such as improves finish with foundation and increases wear time but it also adds light to the face. I’ve had radiance primers in the past and I frequently found that they cause some unpleasant shiny patches, this gives me none of those. I am someone who frequently skips primers because I rarely notice enough of a difference to justify the additional step. I almost always grab this product unless I’m looking for a matte look. And the sales associate was half right, it does make an excellent highlighter too. I frequently add a bit more of this on the tops of my cheeks and then apply whatever powder highlight I’ve been reaching for lately. Do yourself a favor ladies and give this guy a shot and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear it as a primer.


Do you guys have a favorite primer?



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