DIY Thermal Water Sheet Mask!

So the first thing you need to prepare yourself for, is the ridiculous picture of me that’s about to pop up. But, it’s all for the greater good, and I know women will do a lot in order to better their skin. This little DIY project came to me recently, while I was dealing with an angry, inflamed, red face.

Now, if you haven’t used Avene thermal water, you are severely missing out! It is the best spray on the market (in my opinion) and it never leaves you with that “I just swam in the ocean mineral feel” on your skin. Pretty much everything can be helped with this product. Sunburns, reactions, diaper rash, hot flashes, cuts, burns, you can use it as a finishing spray … I could go on and on.

So naturally when I woke up to a code red breakout situation, I knew I had to do something. While still in bed, fiddling on Instagram, I was spraying my face down every 5 minutes. (Excessive I know, but it is what it is) and clearly I accumulated a lot of water on my skin. I got up and grabbed one of my Kleenex Hand Towels (which I use to dry my face after cleansing) and when I put the Kleenex on my face, it almost melted in and stuck on my skin. Lightbulb. I jumped up and did the following. If you’re having a skin issue, I suggest you do the same!

Grab a pair of scissors and a Kleenex Hand Towel. (The thickness of these are perfect, a regular Kleenex wouldn’t work) place the hand towel on your face and judge where to cut out some eye holes and a mouth hole. Then when you have it cut to size, lay it on your face and start to spray. I saturate the whole towel and mold it to my face as I do. Once the towel is wet, it will stick to the skin and hold that water as well. I left mine on for 20 mins, and when I peeled it off, my skin had really calmed down. Minimal redness, and it felt so soothed. I will be doing this mask probably weekly now, as it is inexpensive, and it will be awesome for my skin the reacts to almost everything I put on it!!


Also, I am going to be doing a viewers week coming up shortly. Please leave your request for a blog post below, along with your name and your blog name if you have one. Each day, a viewer will get a shoutout with a link to their blog, and you will get your requested post!

Have an awesome day!




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