Review: Chanel Lumiere Velvet Foundation!

This is my first Chanel liquid foundation. I bought this when on the hunt for a foundation to wear to a wedding I was standing in. The first time I swatched this on my hand I was somewhat pleased, but the amazing Chanel rep that I was speaking to convinced me to test it on my face. I was super happy I tried this when I was guided to a window with a mirror and saw the finish this foundation gave me. It definitely isn’t full coverage but it is buildable. What I loved then, and continue to, is the way this blurs my imperfections. Blurring seems to be the big selling feature with a lot of foundations that have been launched recently and Chanel nailed it. It is super lightweight and you forget you’re wearing anything at all. The finish manages to be both glowy and still matte. The only real downside of this product is the packaging. I really like how small and light the bottle is but it is messy. The bottle is constantly dirty. This is Chanel, it feels really wrong to have dirty Chanel products. I really recommend this guy to anyone in the market for a medium coverage foundation and is wanting to treat themselves, just keep some baby wipes on hand, and do your best to keep it clean 🙂



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