New Sunscreen Love Courtesy of Biotherm!

Being a makeup artist, and constantly immersed in the beauty world, I know the importance of sunscreen. It’s always my number one tip for people who want to prevent aging, and I hound my friends and family about sunscreen daily. If you Google Sun Damage, or even better, get yourself under one of those machines that show you the damage under the skin that is not yet visible, you will be forever scarred. Most sun damage happens before the age of 18, when we think we are untouchable. It will always catch up to you, so WEAR SUNSCREEN! Rant over … But I am also human, I am a woman in a rush in the morning, and I am not oblivious to how uncomfortable sunscreens can feel. If you’re a hardcore junkie you know that serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and everything else that goes on your face can feel way too heavy, and it takes forever. Well, Biotherm has tweaked my routine, making me skip a step. The awesome thing about the Biotherm Sunscreens for face, is they have infused them with the anti-aging benefits that people look for in their moisturizers, with the high sunscreen factor of 30 or 50. They stand in for your moisturizers and your sunscreen, and my dry skin LOVES this product. It is bit heavy for a “sunscreen” but where it’s replacing my moisturizer as well, the texture is welcomed. This product also gives me a glow like no other. Even after I’ve applied foundation, my skin is just beaming underneath of it. Almira compliments me every time she sees me (She is OBSESSED with glowy skin) It didn’t break me out in the least, and I haven’t had even the slightest sunburn since putting this into my routine. Anti-Aging, Sun protection in one works well for me, as no body wants to layer excessively, especially in the summer!

Do you guys have any holy grail sunscreens?




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