Hi everyone! How are you doing? Today’s plan, after I finish wedding makeup, and weather permitting, is to lay on the deck with some sparkling water, and recharge. It will also be a great day for me to use a newer product to me, but something that is quickly becoming a summer must have. Biotherm After Sun Pearly Body Cream.


Sabah was the first to use this, and her curiosity sparked mine. She has a funny story attached to this product, and it made me want to try it even more. It’s a very smooth cream textured body product, that has a shimmer to it. It is subtle, but it gives the skin a gorgeous glow. Great if you got a bit too much sun that day, but better for days that you just want your body to have the summer sheen. (If you actually got a bad sunburn, I wouldn’t really recommend putting a shimmer product on … Biotherm’s regular after sun would be better!)

The smell of this is nice and fresh. Part of the reason I didn’t get it for so long was because the tester I smelled was off, and I couldn’t imagine putting that on my body. But when I smelled Sabah’s, I felt better about it, and used it. A lot of my friends love this, and now I know why. It will definitely be a staple in my beach bag this year, and I am sure I will go through it fast. I can’t imagine putting this on and getting amazing skin, and my girlfriends not stealing it and using it as well. Alas, I will have this with me all summer!

Any shimmer body products that you guys have to have? There is nothing sexier than glowy legs in the summer!



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