I’m cheating with Vichy Cellu Destock Expert!

There are a lot of choices that people make from day to day that will without doubt, result in judgement from other people. We are all guilty of it, and no matter how good your intentions are, people judge. It’s a fact! Well I folks, am cheating. I am cheating on my Clarins High Definition Body Lift, which has been smoothing my skin out for over a year. I love that product, and I see visible results from it when I use it. I wanted to let you guys know that I am trying a new one out, as I just finished my Clarins. The next one on the chopping block is Vichy, with their Cellu Destock Expert cellulite cream. I have used this a few times, and while it hasn’t been long enough to see any visible results, I have noticed some clear differences between the two. Let’s break it down, and if you are looking for a cellulite product, this should help you out!


Starting with cost, Vichy retails for roughly $10.00 cheaper than the Clarins. And unlike the prestige brands, Vichy regularly goes on sale, so you’re able to get it even cheaper!

The biggest difference off the bat is the application. If you read my past cellulite post, you would have seen my Body Shop massager that I use to rub the Clarins in. The Vichy however comes with a three head stainless steel massager, which completely takes away having to touch the product with your hands. I appreciate this. And, it makes it much easier to massage the product, and promote micro-circulation. It feels amazing, and I look forward to using this product because of the massage head!


The formula itself contains 5% caffeine, which is a well respected ingredient when it comes to fighting cellulite, it is a fresh gel texture, that absorbs quickly into the skin. Application for me is enjoyable, but I am missing the feeling that the Clarins gives me. Clarins feels like liquid spanx, and really tightens the thighs. I don’t get any sensation from this one, but I will continue to use it, and see how I feel about the results.

Quick Tip: The product requires you to twist the top, in order to squeeze the product out. Squeeze about the size of a quarter out, and ALWAYS remember to lock the top again before you start to massage. Otherwise you will end up with product everywhere!

Do you guys use any body shaping products? I am such a junkie for them now … I just can’t get enough.



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