Sabah’s Canada Day Poem.

Hey, I don’t use maple syrup as lash glue or birchbark as an exfoliator, but maybe I should. And it’s no coincidence that poutine mimics the perfect nude and I have and will continue to test lipstick transfer on beer cans.

My skin needs a rich moisturizer, a mattifying powder and a hydrating spray all in one day. During Winter my blush is sometimes frost bite, and in Summer, sometimes a burn.

We don’t have an Ulta or sadly Tom Ford, but we created Cake, Cargo and Bite. I’m polite, but not too polite to return your product if it breaks me out. And I won’t get to the mall by dogsled, polar bear or moose.

I sometimes won’t wear makeup for our movie dates, but I’ll don a full face for the Habs, Leafs, or the Mooseheads.

Don’t try to sell me your BB cream. My Marcelle always wins. Lise watier summer collection and holiday collection are our only true two seasons.

I suffer through late launches, international shipping, and gouging at the border. But my products are fluent in English and French.

There is no skincare woe that NeoStrata won’t conquer. I believe in exfoliation, hydration and sunscreen all year.

My name is Sabah and I am Canadian AND a beauty junkie


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