Canada Day Post! Proud to be Canadian!

Sabah and I wanted to focus on some Canadian brands today, in honor of Canada’s birthday. (She looks great for 147 EH?) Side note… All Canadians don’t actually say Eh? after everything we say. I will admit, it slips from time to time, but there are things that are way more Canadian than that. Like Kitchen Parties. Maybe that’s an East Coast thing only.

Here is a rundown of our favorite Canadian Brands and some awesome products from them. We sincerely hope these gems will make up for Justin Bieber, and make you all love Canadians again.

Lise Watier:

Lise Watier is a Montreal based company, and they make some amazing products. Some of my favorites are Sun Smart, the Haute Couture lip gloss line, Feline HD eyeliner, and the Portfolio wheel. I believe this line is available for online shopping now, so if you want to get introduced to the line, these are definitely the things to start with.


One of our favorite Canadian drugstore brands, Annabelle (Montreal Based) is my go to for eyeliners and lipliners. They have an awesome color selection, and the product itself is smooth, and lasts on my skin. This is always my go to when I want to try a fun new color and I am not sure if I am ready to commit to an expensive purchase. Their lipliners are amazing shades, and you can’t beat the price.


Oh Marcelle. This line is also based out of Montreal (Seriously, that place is like cosmetic heaven!) If you have known me for more than 5 minutes, you have probably heard me talk about the Marcelle BB cream. It is honestly better than any high end brand BB cream I have used. It gives amazing coverage, feels great, and works for all skin types. I could go on and on … Also, their eye makeup remover (A total dupe for Lancôme Bi-Facil) boasts the #1 selling eye makeup remover in Canada sticker, and works like a charm. My third pick is the translucent powder. This stuff is amazing to set your makeup with. It is in a huge jar, lasts forever, and doesn’t look cakey on the skin. My tip with that, is just poke a needle through some of the holes, instead of peeling back the whole label and getting powder everywhere!

Bite Beauty:

This is a good one. Bite Beauty is a Toronto based makeup company, who specialize in lip products that are edible. (Not that they recommend you eat them right from the tube) but after realizing how much lipstick women eat in their lifetime, the company developed a formula that is much healthier than your average lipstick. I have yet to try the coveted Agave lip mask, but I can tell you, the lipsticks are some of the absolute best I have tried.


I don’t think I have smelled anything from this line that I wasn’t immediately obsessed with. This line started in the creator’s (Heather’s) kitchen, and has blown up since. 90% to 95% of all their products are natural, and a few awesome sellers are the hand cream, the dry shampoo, and the oil. I also always gravitate towards their body scrub … Just another Canadian gem.

Do you guys have any favorite Canadian products!?

Happy Birthday Canada!


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