New Obession: Lancome Palette in Petal Pusher!

If you follow me on Instagram (@girlmetblush) you know that I love to take pictures of makeup in natural settings. Rocks, Plants, Flowers … you name it. So I was taking some photos the other day, and I was rooting through my collection to see what would be pretty in a picture. I came across this unopened Lancôme Palette I had gotten awhile back, and knew it would be perfect. One, it is called Petal Pusher, so clearly it needs to be put into a flower pot, and two, I totally forgot what made me get this palette in the first place. It is absolutely GORGEOUS.

These palettes retail for $54.00 CAD, and include 5 shades. It comes with a guide to let you know how to apply them, which is great if you are not comfortable with makeup just yet, but as I always say, makeup has no rules. (Probably why I love it so much … ) The shades are very richly pigmented, and all have a shimmer to them. Not all of these palettes are total shimmer, they have a few with some matte shades mixed in. What drew me into this palette was the gold color, and I just think its beautiful under the lashline. I can see this palette working with a lot of different eye colors and skin tones, and I will be wearing this a lot this summer.

What are your favorite things to wear on your eyes now a days?


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