Different “Lip Balms” for different Gals …

Hey everyone! How’s it going? I had an awesome sleep last night, and dreamt that Hourglass launched a blush palette, similar to the NARS palette I so regret not buying. It was a wonderful redemption, but sadly I woke up and came back to the world where Hourglass only has single blushes. (I seriously am praying they do a palette for the holidays!)

If you follow makeup, or check out what’s new in the stores frequently, you would have noticed within the last year or two, that colored lip balms have become crazy popular. Everything seems to have the world “balm” attached to it. Now, when people usually say balm, I think of Soft Lips, or EOS … something clear and hydrating, and super basic. But balms have really transformed into something that everyone can wear. If you are a demure Debbie who wants something super basic and sheer, or if you’re a bold Betty and want your pout to pop, there is a balm for you. I have chosen three brands that offer “Lip Balms” and offer three totally different pigment payoff.

First up are Stila Color Balm Lipsticks. Shown here in the shade (From left to right) Gemma, Betsey, Valentina, and Ruby. These babies are the top of the top if you are looking for a punch of color that will make a statement. These do come in more natural colors, but I wanted to showcase the brighter ones to show the pigment. They smell like mint, last a decent amount of time on the lip, and are completely addicting. If you buy one, you will start collecting them, I promise you. Sometimes with the crazier colors, I opt to apply it with a lip brush, as the only negative to these, is they are very fat. So it makes precision a little tough when applying.

If you are a middle Meryl, and want a bit of color, but nothing that is going to stop traffic, the Benefit Balms are perfect for you. These come in four shades, and match up to the iconic tints that we all know and love from Benefit. As always, the packaging can’t be beat. These are purse proud products for sure. When I first saw these (after much hype as always from Benefit) I had a quick flash of shock, when I saw how sheer the colors were. Little did I know that I needed something exactly like that in my collection, and I now use Lolli Balm on the daily. (I layer it on top of my nude lipstick, and it gives just a hint of color, so the nude doesn’t look too brown) These are some of the smoothest balms I have ever used, and the way they feel on the lips, completely makes them worth it. Again, these will be something that you will want to have a whole wardrobe of.
From left to right, we have Bene Balm, Cha Cha Balm, Posie Balm and Lolli Balm.

And for the natural beauties who just want the absolute slightest tint, or possibly just some shine, we have the new Clinique Baby Tints. These are the newest addition to the “Chubby Stick” family, and they come in beautiful tubes that look so fun, but honestly pack very minimal punch. Swatched out, they all appear to be a slightly different shade of pink, but they do give a bit of shine, and seem to darken on the lips as you wear them. Almira and I tried these out, and they seem to swatch clear, but given about 30 seconds, the color will develop into something, and the orange shade actually looked quite beautiful on her. Swatched from left to right, these are Coming up Rosy, Poppin’ Poppy, Flowering Freesia and Budding Blossom.

What set of Balms do you think you would prefer? I am definitely a strong pigment, or middle of the road kinda gal …




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