Origins Ginger Gloss Smoothing Oil:

As I typed out that title, I realized I may not have ever really taken note of what a horrid name that is for such a wicked product. I digress, I have horribly dry skin that flakes and my legs can actually leave like a skin flake residue on my yoga pants if I haven’t moisturized. I live in a desperate state of dryness friends, desperate. Enter Origins, I bought this mostly because of the smell, Root Beer Popsicle. I love that it’s in a pump and is easy to apply. The mist doesn’t go everywhere like some spray moisturizers do. This is really great, it has completely obliviated all of my dry skin itchiness. I probably shouldn’t admit to doing something so universally discouraged, but I even use it under self-tanner. I recommend this product to everyone as long as you aren’t expected in a scent free environment for the next few hours.



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