Product Fails: Cover FX SPF 30 Primer!

So we all know (and if you don’t know, now you know) that I have a very sensitive skin type. I react to products all the time, and it’s just become a part of my life to do my best to avoid the landmines.

If you follow me on Instagram (@girlmetblush) you would have seen that I opened a new makeup primer. Cover FX SPF 30. I instagrammed it, because they have an address for you to write to, if you have experienced “serious adverse affects” due to use of this product. I thought that was so strange … Why would that be smack down in the middle of the packaging? Not even on the box … but on the actual tube itself. Anyway, I powered through, and applied the primer.

It was so greasy feeling, and even after a very good shake before I opened it, it still spit out a ton of oil at me before an actual primer consistency came out of the tube. It felt like you were putting bacon fat on your face. Sure enough when I got home that night, I honestly didn’t notice my makeup wearing any longer or differently, but I did notice a red rash all over my face. I quickly went back to cleansers that I know my skin agrees with (Philosophy Purity and Bioderma) and washed my makeup off to assess the damage.

My entire face was filled with small red bumps accompanied by white heads. The worst was on my cheek, which was just a massive patch of red bumps, and rash texture. I made sure my skin was clean and sprayed myself with Avene Thermal Water all night. I woke up in the morning, and things were tamed down, but I am still dealing with the aftermath of it.

I write this in confidence, as this was the only thing in my routine that changed. (Down to laundry detergent and everything! Trust me, I watch my skin like a hawk!)

Has anyone else had a reaction like this using this primer? I had to send pictures out to my close friends to show them how bad it was.


Needless to say, this product has been pulled out of my makeup bag, and will never find it’s way back in there!

Any products you guys react to? Let me know so I can avoid them!!


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