Wish List Purchases: YSL Shocking Mascara.

I live in a constant state of jealousy that Sara has found her Holy Grail mascara in Lancôme Hypnose. I’ve been on a voyage for the last 15 years for a mascara that would curl my lashes and my toes. Side note that my lashes are a decent length but have zero natural curl and stand directly out from my lid. Oh and the ends are blonde making the appear shorter. I’ve tried everything from Essence to now YSL. I had recently written about products I need to give in and buy and well I did, I bit the bullet and bought YSL’s Shocking Mascara. I really like this mascara. Shocking holds my curl, has minimal clumping and does a decent job of not flaking all over my face. I like that this comes off easily with cleanser but survived a particularly heart wrenching episode of Game of Thrones without me looking like an extra in a Motley Crew video. I have zero regrets about this mascara, I’m likely even going to buy it again. I’m happy with this product….unfortunately it is not my holy grail. The hunt continues my friend for a mascara that is going to rock my world, curl my lashes and curl my toes.


I need to know ladies. What is your holy grail mascara?!



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