Holy Hell Brow Pow! Holy Grail Alert!

Friends something wonderful happened. Something unexpected and face changing. I found my Holy Grail Brow product. It’s finally happened to me, I’ve developed product loyalty to a product. What could cause such a reaction? Such loyalty to someone is admittedly a cosmetic whore, I get around ladies. I don’t settle down with one product, I constantly wonder what else is out there. Well The Balm’s Brow Pow has settled my wandering lust. I have found a brow Holy Grail. I have the shade Blonde. It’s awesome. I’ve heard some criticism of this product because it doesn’t come with a brush, but seriously who uses those little things? If anything not having something falling out of it every time I open the product might actually be a selling feature for me. It has a good sized mirror that I use more that I would have expected. The colour is a perfect match for my brows and I know it is just a powder but it has a lasting power like few products I’ve used in my brows. I’ve used nothing but Brow Pow since I bought it on sale on their website.



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