Review: Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner!

Something that I try to do when a new product launches, is avoid reviews at all costs before I have a chance to try the product myself. I find people (myself included) can be really swayed by other opinions, and even if we don’t feel the same, we will sometimes just reflect the opinions that we have heard from others.

Now, this being as big of a launch as it was, I just couldn’t avoid it. I have heard several opinions on this product, but I really kept myself on neutral ground. Until today. I was lucky enough to be given the eyeliner by Benefit, and I wasted no time getting into the nitty gritty.
First things first, the claims. This gel-eyeliner pen, comes with a silicone tip, that is designed to push your lashes down as you apply the liner, making it easier to get super close to your lashline. You twist the product up from the bottom (and it takes awhile to get the product out at first, I counted and it took me 76 clicks!) and trust me, you need a very small amount of product.

The first thing I noticed about this liner, was how absolutely crazy black it is. I have always been partial to my Stila liquid liner in black, but this is no comparison. So black, and SO matte. Application for me was a little tricky at first, but in no time I had it down. I find if you stamp the product on the lashline, and then blend the stamps together, that works well for me.

The eyeliner formula itself, is a gel, not a liquid, so it took a minute to adjust to the texture while applying. I wanted to go in with a separate brush, but pushed through, and it turned out perfectly without one. I would say if you are someone who likes to use a separate brush with your liner (for more control) I would still opt for this, and use it off the back of my hand, over a gel eyeliner, as the color is like nothing I have ever seen, and you have the advantage of an airtight container to store your gel liner. (Who else hates when a pot of eyeliner dries up! Ugh what a waste of money … )

You can also apply this liner on the waterline. I was cautious at first, but it went on like a dream, didn’t even make my eyes water, and that liner stayed PUT on my waterline longer than anything I have ever used. When I went to wash it off at the end of the night, it was still an opaque black color, with no patchiness. This product did not move on me at all, and I was impressed with the intensity of the color at the end of the day.

Now, as for removal. This stuff is intense. Just as our beloved They’re Real! Mascara, this eyeliner is not something that a makeup wipe will handle. I did have a chance to play with the new They’re Real! Remover, and I will say, I was impressed at how it broke down both the liner and the mascara. I tested it against some of my favorite removers, and it really did do a better job on these products. If you are someone who wears these long wear products daily, you should really invest in the remover, as your lashes (and your fine lines!) will thank you for it in the long run.

I feel like everytime I pick this liner up, it gets easier for me, so as with anything beauty related, practice, practice, practice!

I am so pleased with this new product, to be honest, I was thinking “An eyeliner is an eyeliner … ” But there are some serious pros to this (like the color itself) that make it worth the purchase in my opinion!

Let me know what you guys think of this when it launches!



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