Almira’s Favorite Highlighters!

If you look at our Instagram page, you will see the words “highlight-obsessed” and I account for like 70% of that. I CANNOT live without my highlighters. Obsessed would be downplaying it; I have a little foil strip on my dresser to mix my liquid highlighters. It was really hard to narrow my favorite highlighters down to a couple of products, but I kind of did it. Everyone should expect numerous additions.

Ok first up, my absolute favorite liquid highlighter. Soleil Tan De Chanel liquid illuminator. It is a very soft shimmery cream with a liquid texture that just blends on all skin types. I use this product in different ways. I can use it as a primer before I put on my foundation, I can mix it with my foundation, or even after I have applied everything else and I want an extra boost of glow (which is always). It is awesome to be applied with a foundation brush on areas where the sun hits and give you natural sun-kissed glow.

Next up is the Pur Minerals glow stick. I absolutely love this product and it kills me that I can’t purchase it anymore. Sabah gave it to me and said that she got it in some kind of “set”. She thought it was too gold-y for her and gave it to me not thinking that it would change my life. This stick has such beautiful, strong pigment and one swatch is enough for that perfect glowy look. It does not have any chunky shimmer in it and it just gives a great balance between natural and catwalk (which is exactly my style when it comes to highlighters). I’m using this sparingly and waiting until they come out with a full size one that I could buy 15 of. It is also the easiest application of highlighter that I’ve ever used, just swatch and blend. That easy.

Next is my limited edition Guerlain Terrracotta Sun in the City powder highlighter. This massive highlighter I apply as a setting powder for my cheeks. I put it on top of everything; blush, contour powder, bronzer. Something to note though, I use a bigger powder brush for this because it’s not as fine and if you use a denser brush it will be too much and some chunky shimmer might show up. Either way, it is SO luxurious and I am in LOVE with the big beautiful packaging. That being said, I will continue to adore this product.

Another favorite is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Like Sabah, I can’t really pinpoint why I love this product. I just know that when I put it on, I look extra glowy and radiant. It blurs and helps even everything out. I have purchased the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder, and the Hourglass has completely blew the Nars one out of the water. Everyone has to try it!

Lastly, my Mary Lou-manizer powder, I bought this highlighting powder maybe 6 years ago (from the Philippines) and I have continued to buy and use it. It’s such a fine gold powder that I can even use on the inner corner of my lids to make my eyes pop. It is the best to be used on top of your cheekbones and buffed out with a kabuki or a dense thick brush. It is so fine and I can’t even put into words how beautiful it is. It is very gold with a bit of silver in it. Just like the Pur minerals stick, it might not work for everybody because of how gold it is, but personally, this works like a charm for me.

That sums up my first part of many highlighter reviews. I will continue to add on to this list because I am going to try and buy as much as I can.

How about everyone else? Any favorite highlighters? Or any products you are obsessed with? We would love to know!




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