Hair Dream Team starring Kerestase and Moroccan Oil!

I have been loving the Kerestase Nectar Thermique heat protectant, ever since I used Sabah’s at her house. I promptly purchased my own, and I have really seen a difference in my hair since I’ve put it into the regular rotation. I ran into the owner of the salon that I get my hair done at, and she mentioned to me that mixed with a drop or two of the Kerestase Elixir, it would be absolute heaven. Now I have used the Elixir before, and I have to say I wasn’t overly thrilled. I do however, like the Moroccan Oil, and happened to have some of that on hand. So, I used the same amount as always of my Nectar Thermique, and mixed in a drop of my Moroccan Oil. I warmed the two together, and applied it into my damp hair. Sure enough, after my blow dry, my hair was so smooth, and so silky. I didn’t even have to run the flat iron through my hair, as my normally frizzy ends were smoothed out and felt like cashmere. I started getting compliments on my hair as soon as I started using these two together. I also find that mixing the two together really eliminates that “I’ve gone a little heavy on my hair oil” look. Sometimes while using the Moroccan Oil alone, I would notice my hair would look a little greasy right after blowdrying, but the Kerestase really prevents that. If you have unmanageable hair, or want something that will give you absolutely silky smooth locks, give these two a try!



What are your holy grail styling products?



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