Feeling Cheeky? Try Smashbox Halo Blush for all day color!

I like blush. I love blush. I send approximately 17.4 pictures a day to my makeup obsessed girlfriends. Some of them just make you stop in your tracks. Benefit box blushes, or a new NARS shade, or really anything in nice packaging will set off the addiction. I dug out an older favorite of mine lately and I have forgotten how much I love it. The Smashbox Halo blushes have only been around for maybe a year and a half or so, but given my obsession with Halo Powder, these were a natural interest for me.

Available in 6 shades (pictured above is In Bloom) these blushes have the same shave up technology as the halo powders, giving you a beautiful finely milled powder, but allowing you to have control of how much you use, which make these babies great for travel. (who else can`t stand having loose powders everywhere? Especially blushes!)

Anywho … the blushes themselves are very pigmented, but not too pigmented that you are scared to use them. They last a good 8 hours on my skin, and they finish to a very skin-like texture. I have never thought these blushes looked cakey or powdery on the skin.

All in all, these are awesome blushes, and if I have to pick up another color it might be Warm Glow. That one looks like it would be the perfect glowy bronzy-peach for summer.

Enjoy those cheeks ladies 🙂



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