Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Body!

I am someone who is obsessed with highlighting, and anything that appears dewy on the skin. Pair that with someone who has a beauty product addiction in general, and you have trouble. The other day Sabah and I went to Sephora (Mecca) for a beauty spatula. A $7.00 trip. No big deal. $125.00 later, I walked out of there with several products, one being the new BB body cream from Urban Decay. This is yet another example of how important testers are in store. I put this on one arm, and immediately began looking for the blonde bun in between the aisles. (Sabah is honestly the easiest person to find in a store … Look for the Volkswagen of hair on the top of her head and you’re set)

A few specs on the product: 162.6ml for $38.00 CAD. These products claim to tighten, hydrate, and blur imperfections. I have seen these online, boasting an SPF of 20, which I am assuming they just can’t claim in Canada. (We are so strict about our DIN numbers!) And I have also seen a luminizing formula, and a bronzing formula. I can tell you, based on this one, I will be buying the other two.

Upon application, you feel cooled, and the cream has a faint smell of mint. It feels tightening, and spreads easily on the skin. Not the tingling sensation of my beloved Clarins High Definition Body Lift, but enough to make me feel like it’s doing something.

The beauty of this product, and the reason I purchased, is the sheen that it gives the skin. They are the faintest gold sparkles, and they make you look like a celebrity leg on a late night talk show. Not overly shiny, but super hydrated, and glowy. The first time I wore this product, I did some testing for transferring, and had no issues. Also, one of my coworkers who had no idea I had purchased it, commented on how great my skin looked.

This product, paired with St. Tropez, is an absolute must have for this summer. I really encourage you guys to run to Sephora and pick this up immediately.

Let me know what you guys think of it, if you have the chance to try it!


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