Haul: The Balm Cosmetics!

So…The Balm had a 50% off sale a few weeks back. Logically I needed to partake. It wasn’t even my fault really, and a sale like that just can’t be ignored. I managed to keep my order under control though and only got five products.
Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette: I’ve been flirting with wearing matte shadows lately. I prefer shimmer but due to my struggles with snake eye (flaky dry eyelids) and aging, it is best for me to learn to adapt. I got this palette in the hopes of filling that hole in my palette collection. I haven’t used it for long so I can’t give a true opinion on it yet, but after a few runs with it I can say the colours have mad pigment, almost too much. There is minimal fallout if any, which is huge for me. There is a lack of a good highlight color, the light shade is a bit yellow for me but I can work with it.

Instain Blush in Lace: Yeah, that’s a pink blush ladies. It’s possibly the pinkest blush I own and that is saying something. It’s awesome and survives on my cheeks that have a tendency to eat blush.

Brow Pow: This is obviously a brow powder, I love it. I have already abandoned all my other brow products. This might be more a reflection of my love for the shade than the product itself. I tend to gravitate towards shades that are a bit too dark for me, but this one matches my brows perfectly.

Put a Lid on It Eyelid Primer: I don’t have any opinion on this yet as I haven’t even opened it yet. I purchased it because I’m always on the hunt for one that doesn’t irritate my snake eye.

How Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Palette: This is the product I really questioned. I had watched some online reviews that weren’t that favorable but…. It’s a blush palette and I’m a blush addict. I am so happy I purchased. The pigmentation is incredible and they are super creamy without being sticky like some cream blushes. In the summer, I like a cream blush because it adds to the dewy look I’m after. Admittedly I’ve only put these on my lips when I was just playing with it but I was happy with the colour and texture. So there it is, I am confident that some of these will become regulars in the rotation. I’m happy with my order and my only dissatisfaction lies in the products I didn’t order.


What do you guys love from The balm?



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